Horrific tragedy nearly struck our canine family a second time.

Many of you are aware that a choking accident killed our 10 month old Lab puppy Emma. Her death started a chain of events that founded Puppy Love.

Last week we had a near death event involving our 4 year old 55 pound black Lab mix Annie and our 35 pound puppy Mabel. They were playing when Mabel’s jaw became stuck on Annie’s collar. Despite the significant weight difference, Annie was being choked to death by Mabel!

Fortunately we were both in the yard and we were able to get the collar off before it was too late. This taught us a valuable lesson – COLLARS have caused numerous choking deaths.

WE ARE ALERTING EVERYONE TO FIT YOUR DOG WITH A HARNESS OR BREAK-AWAY COLLAR. This link is where we have purchased break-away collars for use with our Invisible Fence transmitters. http://www.amazon.com/Petsafe-KeepSafe®-1-Inch-Medium-Break-Away/dp/B000OGNK1Q

Read all the sad stories of dogs who choked to death due to incidents with collars.

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Third Annual Puppy Love Fundraiser

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